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We have a variety of ales of which four will be on our bar at any one time.  Below is a description of four, please go to ‘Horncastle Ales’ page for more.

Damned Deceiver 3.8%
Horncastle Ales
This is chestnut brown in colour, a calm bitterness complimented with fruit over tones.

Lilith’s Lust  4.1%
Horncastle Ales
This is rich red traditional in colour with a hop character of fruit and spice and everything nice in aroma!  A Traditional English Bitter, with a satisfyingly full body.  The after taste is malty with a subtle traditional bitter kick.

Satan’s Envy 4.1%
Horncastle Ales
Pale red ale

Lucifer’s‘ Desire 4.8%
Horncastle Ales
Colour is deep golden with a fresh and fruity aroma.  Subtly fruit and citrus taste, leading into a hoppy follow through.  The after taste is a lasting all round full flavour.


Carling Cider ABV
Draught Cider

Westons Old Rosie 7.3%ABV
Bitter cloudy scrumpy

Guest Still Cider various%ABV





Malt Whisky

Good range of Malt Whiskys


Good range of spirits

Soft Drinks

Good range of soft drinks