Ales Viagra

Core Range

Lucifers Desire for web

Lucifers’ Desire

Colour:  Deep golden
Aroma:  Fresh and fruity
Taste:  Subtly fruity and citrus, leading into a hoppy follow through
After Taste:  A lasting all round full flavour

Lilith's Lust for web

Lilith’s Lust

Colour:  Red rich traditional
Aroma:  Hop character fruit and spice and everything nice
Taste:  Traditional English Bitter with a satisfyingly full body
After Taste:  Malty with a subtle traditional bitter kick


Satans Envy

Satan’s Fury

Colour:  Dark golden with a red hue
Aroma:  Authentic true ale!
Taste:  A powerful traditional fruity IPA with a rich full body
After Taste:  Subtle and delightfully lingering

Lucifers Desire for web

Angel of Light

Colour:  Golden with a red hue
Aroma:  Light and fruity
Taste:  Rich and malty, complimented with a nutty follow through
After Taste:  Slightly dry and prolonged

Damned Deciever for web

Damned Deceiver

Colour:  Deep chestnut brown
Aroma:  Fruity overtones
Taste:  Smooth and mellow with a rich body
After Taste:  Prolonged giving a pleasant tinge of subtle bitterings with a sweetness

Damned Deciever for web

Sacrificed Soul

Colour:  Deep chestnut
Aroma:  Subtle caramel and sweet, with a hint of fruity zing
Taste:  Rich and full bodied, dry caramel and tinged with a slight sweet edge
After Taste:  A solid English Traditional Ale

Midnight Tempter for web

Midnight Tempter

Colour:  Black with a deep chestnut hue
Aroma:  Roasted and malty
Taste:  Smooth, malty and full bodied with a subtle hop edge
After Taste:  Roasted characters and extremely satisfying

Lucifers Desire

Wicked Blonde

Colour:  Sandy Blonde
Aroma:  Subtle and Fruity but not over powering
Taste:  A zingy and delicately fruity session ale
After Taste:  Wholesome and lingering

‘One Off’ Brews

On a fairly regular basis, Elizabeth brews ‘one offs’ to compliment our core range. Although we try to keep as much of our core range in stock, not all are available at any one time.